McGuinness Legal is a team of specialist childcare lawyers providing expert advice in all cases involving child protection issues.

We represent parents and extended family members in cases involving social services. We also represent children through instruction from CAFCASS.

We regularly deal with cases involving the following issues;

  • cases involving the death of a child
  • cases where one parent has been killed by the other
  • non-accidental injury and physical harm to children
  • factitious illness
  • emotional and physical neglect
  • sexual abuse/incest
  • drug and alcohol misuse
  • domestic violence
  • mental health issues

We represent families involved with social services in cases where social services may be considering putting together a Child Protection Plan or starting court proceedings .For more information go to ‘care proceedings’.

We give expert advice in adoption cases. For more information go to ‘adoption‘.

We advise family members and other carers upon applying for Special Guardianship Orders. For more information go to ‘Special Guardianship’.

You may be eligible to receive public funding. For more information on how your matter can be funded go to ‘ Funding’.

We have excellent links with support services to ensure that we can signpost the families we work with to the  appropriate agencies to  help them. We regularly make referrals to organisations who can help with issues such as anger management, drug and alcohol misuse, domestic violence, counselling and bereavement services as well as many other issues.