The vast majority of work undertaken by McGuinness Legal is funded through public funding (legal aid). There are different types of public funding available depending on the circumstances of each case. We will make any appropriate application for public funding on your behalf.

Pre Court Proceedings Funding

Public funding is available to assist in attending and representing parents at meetings with social services before Court proceedings have been issued. This type of public funding is means tested and you will need to provide written evidence of what benefits you receive or your wage slips if you are working.

Funding Court Proceedings

If you are a parent or someone who holds parental responsibility for a child at the time the case is first presented to the Court, you will be eligible to receive public funding to cover representation in the case. The funding is non means tested and therefore your income and capital will not be relevant in making the application for funding. You will not be required to make any financial contribution towards your legal costs.

If you are not a parent, you may still be eligible for public funding. Your application will be means tested and you will be required to provide evidence of your income, capital and outgoings. Your application will be considered by the Legal Aid Agency who will decide if you are eligible. You may qualify for public funding without needing to make a contribution payment towards your public funding or you may be assessed as being required to make a monthly payment towards your legal costs. If your financial circumstances change during the course of the case, your financial situation will be reassessed.